Jumia Egypt Black Friday 2017 – Deals, Date and Discounts

Jumia Egypt Black Friday 2017 - Date, Deals and Discounts
Jumia Egypt Black Friday 2017 – Date, Deals and Discounts

Jumia.com.eg is back again this year, with Jumia Egypt Black Friday 2017. The Black Friday celebration will be live for a month! This celebration includes: lottery giveaways, special discount vouchers, wheel of fortune, and much more, for all of its amazing customers. Jumia is one of the biggest e-commerce and online shops in Africa and is run by a German internet conglomerate – Rocket Internet. Jumia has established its presence in African countries like; Morocco, Ivory Coast, Kenya and many others around the continent. As one of the biggest online shops, Jumia is really committed to making life easier for you and I, because you can order things on the Jumia.com.eg website from the comfort of your mobile phones or computers and having them delivered to your preferred location.

What is Black Friday?

Historically, Black Friday is an American holiday and it is usually the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States of America. The term “Black Friday” was used and made popular by policemen and employers who had to deal with workers calling in sick after Thanksgiving. The absence of the workers at work led to a decline in productivity, as they did not show up at work. Parks, malls and other shopping centres were instead packed with people. Also, the policemen who were given the task of ensuring the orderliness of the crowd had to make sure there was proper crowd control. Hence, the term Black Friday by both the employers and the policemen.


Eventually, Black Friday spread over to the whole of America and many retailers took it as a great way to incentivize people to visit their stores by creating massive deals and discounts. From the US, Black Friday has spread all around the world to countries like Japan, Ghana, Cameroon and many more countries. The 24th of November is the Black Friday date for 2017 but the whole of November is generally known for deals and discounts from Retailers.

History of Jumia Black Friday in Egypt

Jumia joined other retailers around the world to bring the black Friday sales to Egypt. Jumia has held the Black Friday sales since November of 2012. The dates of every Jumia Black Friday since 2012 are listed below:

JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY 2016 took place on the 25th of NOVEMBER 2016

JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY 2015 took place on the 27th of NOVEMBER 2015

JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY 2014 took place on the 28th of NOVEMBER 2014

JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY 2013 took place on the 29th of NOVEMBER 2013

JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY 2012 took place on the 23rd of NOVEMBER 2012

When is Jumia Black Friday Egypt 2017? – Jumia Black Friday Egypt Date

In 2017, Jumia Black Friday Egypt sales will start on the 13th of November and will run until the 13th of December. The Black Friday deals will be live for 31 days and that is equals to 31 days of great deals and discounts!

What items are on Jumia Black Friday Egypt sales?

Many items on the site are guaranteed to be sold at a reduced price, and these items range from mobile phones, tablets, laptops to dresses, shoes, bags, clothes for men and many more. The Jumia black Friday sales will cover every category on the Jumia.com site and so, we have listed some of the categories that will be part of the Black Friday discounts below. You can click on any of the categories listed below, to view the items.

Jumia Egypt Black Friday 2017 Xiaomi












What It Takes To Participate in the Jumia Egypt Black Friday 2017 Deals

To partake in the Jumia Egypt Black Friday deals 2017, you have to consistently visit the site to get the best deals. You can also click here to visit the site and subscribe to the Black Friday newsletter. Subscribing for the Jumia Black Friday newsletter will ensure you get the best Jumia black Friday offers in your email box as soon as they are live. Jumia will create special flash sales several times a day – these items will only be on sale during specific hours or for a specific amount of time. For example: a laptop could crash in price by 80% but only from 8AM – 10AM.

The best way to purchase these items is to pay online with your bank card so your order can be addressed fast and your item delivered as soon as possible.


Preparing for Jumia Egypt Black Friday Offers

The best way to prepare for Jumia black friday sales for 2017 in Egypt is to start saving money. You should also set reminders on your mobile phones for the 13th of November and ensure you sleep well during the day because, Jumia black friday deals and flash sales will immediately kick off at 12:00AM. You can also bookmark this site, as we will curate all the super discounts in categories from mobile phones, tablets, TV Sets, Fashion items as well as baby and children items. Do not forget to charge your mobile phones laptops and power banks to avoid missing out on the great deals and discounts that will be live. You can also get a backup Internet connection in case you run out of data. Jumia will also provide free delivery to some states while the Jumia Black Friday 2017 is ongoing. In addition, if you spend over 250 Egyptian pounds, you will automatically qualify for free delivery in Cairo and Giza.


How to Make Money from Jumia Egypt Black Friday 2017 Deals

Making money from the Jumia Black Friday Sales in Egypt is very easy. All you have to do is ensure you are aware of the best discounts especially the flash sales and you can buy anything you desire and resell it after the black Friday sales are over. For example: a phone usually sold for 1,000 Egyptian pounds, suddenly gets slashed in half or in this case 50%. This means the new price is 500 Egyptian pounds. If you are a retailer, you can buy 5 of these phones, keep

them until Black Friday is over and sell at the original price of 1,000 Egyptian pounds which

means you have made a 100% profit. Bet you didn’t think about Black Friday that way before.


Current Deals on Jumia Black Friday

Jumia is preparing for Black Friday 2017 and has listed some deals on the Jumia.com.eg site.

The items are stated below;

1. Sico Pro 4 from EGP 1375 to EGP 888 CLICK HERE TO BUY

2. At least 10% Discount on Infinix Phones CLICK HERE TO BUY

3.Lenovo K6 from EGP 2,949 to EGP 1,999 CLICK HERE TO BUY

4. Eco 32-inch HD LED TV from EGP 3,099 to EGP 2,299 CLICK HERE TO BUY

5. Up to 20% Of Xiaomi Phones CLICK HERE TO BUY

6. Infinix Hot S2 Pro From EGP 3,333 to EGP 2,599 CLICK HERE TO BUY

7. Up to 65% off Laptops and Accessories CLICK HERE TO BUY

8. Up to 50% off Gaming Consoles and TVs CLICK HERE TO BUY

9. At least 50% off Home Electronics CLICK HERE TO BUY

10. Up to 35% Off Cameras CLICK HERE TO BUY

11. Xiaomi RedMi Note 5A Prime at EGP 2,888 CLICK HERE TO BUY

12. 20% and Upwards Off Motorola Phones CLICK HERE TO BUY

13. Up to 70% Off Women’s Fashion CLICK HERE TO BUY

14. Up to 30% off Mobiles and Tablets CLICK HERE TO BUY

15. Thousands of other deals, CLICK HERE TO VISIT JUMIA EGYPT

So as Black Friday approaches, we at Black Friday Egypt implore you to VISIT JUMIA EGYPT and begin the search for things that you might want during the Jumia Black Friday 2017 Event. This serves as another reminder that the month-long Black Friday events start on November 13th 2017 and the deals end on the 13th December 2017.